Maintaining our strong sense of integrity and professionalism requires a team of talented and dedicated individuals. At SW Financial, we feel that we work with some of the finest professionals in the industry, who bring decades of knowledge and experience to the table.


We also feel that continuing education is incumbent on our success, as the  changing environment requires continuous maintenance of compliance, tax codes, and financial investing techniques.  By investing in our team and building on their strengths, we gain a competitive edge by building a superior work force.


Another key element to our success is responsiveness to our clients' needs.  We want to offer the highest possible level of support to both clients and representatives.  Our staff and representatives are readily available before and after market hours every day of the week, ready to provide our clients with service of the highest caliber.


Our experience has shown us that excellence comes from modeling some of the best practices of the industry.  We have also learned many areas that can use significant improvement. We want to set a new standard and leave footprints on the industry for years to come.